Kling & Freitag VIDA L – Line array

Kling & Freitag VIDA L – Line array

The abbreviation VIDA stands for ‘versatile intelligent digital array’.
The aim of the VIDA L development is to explore from the outset what is
technically feasible and to implement this as a groundbreaking innovation.A
total of 48 DSP and Class D power amplifier channels are distributed on
three loudspeaker routes in a coaxial arrangement. Each VIDA L module is
equipped with six 6.5″ woofer chassis, twelve 3.5″ mid-range drivers and
thirty-two 1″ dome tweeters. For the beam steering, typical artefacts of up
to 10 kHz are avoided in combination with the special waveguide system.
Incredible, but true – as of now live to see!VIDA L offers all common input
variants such as DANTE, AES3 and analogue. In case of a fault the two stage
fallback concept switches to a substitute signal. Through active allocation of the frequency spectrum to each optimised
woofer, mid-range and tweeter chassis, dynamic playback of up to 60 Hz can
be achieved. In this way, the VIDA L meets all the requirements of a
full-range system. If required, the optional VIDA C module that can be
mounted on the back of the VIDA L can further extend the low frequency
range or, alternatively, can optimise the system’s low frequency radiation
in cardioid mode. An auxiliary DSP output is available for the expansion of
subwoofers. Any questions – or better overshoot now with VIDA L? VIDA L – for high-quality, fixed installations and also for demanding
mobile applications. The incredible perfect solution!

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Максимално звуково налягане SPL

135 dB


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