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Kling & Freitag SEQUENZA 10 N – Line array

Kling & Freitag SEQUENZA 10 N – Line array

The line array system, K&F SEQUENZA 10, proves convincing not only in its
sound, but also in its handling. The fast and safe ‘Snap&Fly’ rigging
system saves time and personnel without cutting corners on safety. All
angle adjustments of the 3-point rigging system are pre-selected on the
ground. When lifting, the units lock automatically and the line array is
immediately ready for use. And all that with compact dimensions and a low
weight.An array of up to four elements generate a maximum sound pressure of
up to 150 dB. Towards the stage, however, the system is extremely quiet.
The K&F SEQUENZA 10 B subwoofer also blasts the powerful energy forward in
a cardioid array and the rearward low-frequency part is eliminated. This
generates a clearer and more distinct sound. On stage, however, it is much
quieter and disturbing emissions in the surroundings are absent. More sound
– less noise!The proven K&F patent is called ‘FLC’, which optimises the
frequency distribution of both 10” chassis units. In the SEQUENZA 10 N/W
line array modules, another innovative technology is used with the patented
Waveformer with three 1” high-frequency drivers, which produces a plane
wave front of up to over 16 kHz. With the unique tweeter resolution and the
long throw, the system is impressive during every use.


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